Which one is being supplemented? This picture illustrates the need for soil testing. Any deficiency can severely limit yield.
ENHANCE treatment (plant on right) increased pod count on these soybeans. It has has been effective on all types of leguminous plants in a variety of soil types.
Increases in count have gone as high as 60% above control plots. ENHANCE has been used on dry peas, lentils, pintos, pinks and other specialty varieties.
This shows identical programs except for use of ENHANCE. These 5 week old plants show how treated soil helps plants withstand water shortage better. Treated plants have more extreme root systems and higher yields.
Control applications 2.5 quarts Round-Up with 1 quart of Stay Put with water at 50 gallons per acre. Weeds came back much sooner.
AgPro™ application per acre 1.2 quarts Round-Up with 8 ouncesSPREADER STICKER with water 50 gallons per acre.
RENEW used on this haygrazer increased root and stem mass on this chemically damaged field.
Dr. Knauf inspecting University test site. AgPro™ corn was 12 inches taller than control. Yield came in at 12 bushels per acre over control, a $3 to $1 return.
This 40 acre garden bean field in Washington was split in half for testing. Both cost and yield measured shown in following photos.
Input cost on control $73.13/acre using 85-53-0-16, Eptam 7E at 3 pints, Sonaian at 2 pints. Yield: 20.6 bags clean seed.
Input cost on AgPro™: $58.60/acre using 45-0-0-22, Eptam 7E at 3 pints, Sonalan at 2 pints, AIM at 1 pint, ENHANCE at 2 pints. Yield: 28.46 bag clean seed.
Notice the plump, full AgPro™ ears (on right) compared to the untreated corn on the left. This corn was grown in an alkali soil and used RECLAIM.
Notice the larger circumference and fuller kernels. What you can’t see is that the AgPro™ grower’s crop matured 2 weeks earlier saving $1000 in irrigation cost per pivot.
White Potato field test: control (left) 15.43 tons per acre, AgPro™ (right) 19.06 tons per acre. Program – 32 ounces RECLAIM applied 3 times at a cost of $48.75 per acre. Higher grade and size increased profit $720 per acre.