This sunflower program is intended for informational use only. For the best possible results tailored to meet your needs and soil type, check with your AgPro™ representative for specific recommendations.
Normal Soil
32 oz AIM per acre
Stimulate soil and prevent disease In a properly balanced soil, beneficial microorganisms outnumber and suppress disease causing organisms. AIM and RECLAIM stimulate the soils microbiology, improves air and water flow and balances the soil. RECLAIM has added ingredients to lessen the effects of excess sodium in alkali soils and residual herbicides. The stimulation of beneficial bacteria is designed to increase their numbers and effectiveness in helping minimize the Pythium, Rhizoctonia and other disease causing organisms to minimize any future damage.

NOTE: *For pH higher than 6.8 and/or high sodium content. Also good for chemically damaged fields.

*Alkali/Sodium Soil
32 oz RECLAIM per acre
4-8 oz RENEW per acre Rapid germination, stimulated root growth and disease prevention RENEW penetrates quickly and stimulates microbial activity around the seed, stimulating root mass. Increased root growth at this stage increases the health, disease and drought resistance, and yields.This treatment gives the seed a quick, strong start to withstand disease and limit the effects of any adverse environmental conditions such as: drought, flooding, hail, temperature, etc.
8 oz RENEW per acreapply with HEAD MOTH insecticide spray More complete plant reproductive stimulation At bloom stage, RENEW gives the plant some enzyme nutrients to encourage maximum elongations of seeds and greater potential yield.
8 oz SS 9 per acre More complete fungus control SS 9 is a specialized high molecular non-ionic spreader sticker including pharmaceutical soaps that enhance the effectiveness of fungicides even at their lowest label rates. The creation of synergistic reaction with you chosen fungicide, along with SS 9 gives a more complete and longer lasting disease control with healthier plants and great yields.
Herbicide Spray Program
Apply 16 fl oz phLAME per 100 gallon tank mix with contact herbicides.
Note about Spraying:We strongly recommend using an adjuvant with your sunflower spray program. AgPro™ specialty surfactants (SS 9,SPREADER STICKER, phLAME) have proven cost effective with spray applications of chemicals (fungicides, herbicides, pesticides) to allow lowest label rates with better results. The synergy can add potency and extend the chemical life and have allowed some growers to experiment and get exceptional results with well under label rates.

Please ask your AgPro™ representative for the appropriate product for your needs and grower’s experiences in your area.