This mint program is intended for informational use only. For the best possible results tailored to meet your needs and soil type, check with your AgPro™ representative for specific recommendations.

32 oz per acre RECLAIM

Air and water management and nutrient uptake. Protection from herbicide carryover RECLAIM is a premier product that greatly aids in mint stand establishment. It conditions the soil for nutrient release. It enhances root systems by stimulating the plant by increasing the friability of the soil. As an added bonus, it combats chemical residual carryover that may have a negative effect on the seedling at this early delicate stage.
Normal Soil
32 oz AIM per acre
Increase water penetration; reduce compaction; enhance nutrient release On most established mint stands, compaction and/or water penetration are perpetual challenges. AIM and RECLAIM contain unique enzyme complexes that directly stimulate microbial life responsible for agrigating and softening the soil profile. This means better air and water management! Increased microbial life also means more nutrients will be made plant available, especially phosphorus and potassium. Yield, quality, and stand longevity are all positively affected.

NOTE: *For pH higher than 6.8 and/or high sodium content. Also good for chemically damaged fields.

*Alkali/Sodium Soil
64 oz RECLAIM per acre

32 oz MICROPLUS foliar applied To stimulate plant regrowth and quality MICROPLUS is a unique plant stimulant product that not only pushes growth, but aids in reducing plant stress from cutting or weather damage. When tank mixed with foliar ingredients, it greatly increases the plant’s ability to absorb and utilize these nutrients. MICROPLUS is an excellent tool to jump start regrowth. Note: MICROPLUS is very appropriate to tank mix with your foliar nutrient program targeting phosphorus, potassium, boron, and copper.
Herbicide Spray Program
Apply 16 fl. oz. phLAME per 100 gallon tank mix with contact herbicides.
Fungicide Spray Program
Apply 16 – 32 fl oz SS 9 per 100 gallon tank mix with fungicide.
Note about Spraying:We strongly recommend using an adjuvant with your mint spray program. AgPro™ specialty surfactants (SS 9,SPREADER STICKER, phLAME) have proven cost effective with spray applications of chemicals (fungicides, herbicides, pesticides) to allow lowest label rates with better results. The synergy can add potency and extend the chemical life and have allowed some growers to experiment and get exceptional results with well under label rates.

Please ask your AgPro™ representative for the appropriate product for your needs and grower’s experiences in your area.